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NAC or Address more applications

January 7, 2003, Toronto, Canada Today, NAC Geographic Products Inc. welcame the visiting of Mr. Masaaki Maeda, Senior Vice President, and Mr. Richie R. Ikoma, Vice President from NTT DoCoMo USA. They came to investigate how the revolutionary technology - the Natural Area Coding System can enhance wireless location based services. On the five hour meeting, Mr. Xinhang Shen, President of NAC Geographic Products Inc., made a presentation on the technology followed by a long time hot discussion. Both sides have seen the great advantages of the technology:
  • Using Universal Addresses instead of traditional addresses can save more than 80% of input keys, make multiple page input interface fit on a single page interface on a cellphone screen, eliminate the difficulty in inputting addresses with special and foreign characters, and extend the coverage of the services any area in the world no matter whether there is an address or not.
  • Using Natural Area Codes instead of traditional addresses, place names, postal codes, telephone area codes, etc can make the input interface universal and simplified, save more than 80% of input keys, eliminate language dependency and make the services able to serve any area in the world no matter whether there is place name or not.
Enhanced with the NAC technology, wireless location based services will be significantly improved, and will become much more compelling than those based on traditional addresses and place names.

The meeting also discussed the barriers for a wide adoption of the technology. The major barriers are awareness and availability. Without vast awareness of the technology and wide availability of Universal Addresses, the advantages of the technology in wireless location based services are not significant. Therefore, it requires the involvement of large corporations with great influence in the world, especially those providing both location based services and telephone catalogs. Telephone catalogs listing Universal Addresses with telephone numbers will be a very effective way to create vast awareness and wide availability of Universal Addresses. Both sides agreed to proceed the issue into the next step - feasibility research and business models for the NAC enhanced wireless applications.

It was a very fruitful meeting that brings the NAC technology one step further toward a wide adoption in the world.

NTT DoCoMo is Japan's premier mobile communications company that provides wireless voice and data communications to tens of millions of subscribers. NTT DoCoMo is the creator of W-CDMA technology, the new de facto global industry standard, as well as the groundbreaking mobile i-mode service. At the heart of our operations is a commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge, cost-effective service and a belief that ongoing, focused research and development can help us to continually reinvent the concept of mobile communications. For more information about NTT DoCoMo, please see their web site at: http://www.nttdocomo.com/.

NAC Geographic Products Inc. is a Toronto based Canadian geo-technology company specialized in the development of geo-technology, GIS, GPS, wireless, and Internet applications. Its revolutionary technology - the Natural Area Coding System has drawn a great attention from mainstream media and business world. For more information about NAC Geographic Products Inc., please visit its web site at: http://www.nacgeo.com/.

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