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Press Release: SafeAngel Adopts Universal Address System

NAC or Address more applications
April 5, 2004 - Toronto, Canada - NAC Geographic Products Inc. and SafeAngel Ltd. (UK) have reached an agreement to incorporate the NAC addressing standard into the SafeAngel Public Platform. SafeAngel develops middleware for the emerging enterprise location based service market, and targets areas such as service provision by location, rapid urban response systems and large scale human management using wireless GPS technology, in addition to the more traditional tracking, navigation and fleet management. NAC Technology allows SafeAngel to accurately and efficiently specify locations and areas anywhere in the world.

SafeAngel believe that the location based service market goes far and beyond the scope of tracking, navigation and fleet management. They are launching global wireless 'revenue generating' location based service models which address human and business needs, while providing a mechanism for managing the globe in quite a unique way. The scope for coordinating the movement of manpower and machines in a controlled way means making decisions on safety, service and business acquisition can be achieved in a way that has simply never been done before on such a mass scale. However, there is a long time problem that puzzles all location based software developers: how to create an efficient and accurate way to specify locations and areas. They seem to have only two choices: street addresses or longitude/latitude coordinates. Street addresses are long character strings with very different characters and writing conventions, and cover limited geographic areas. Longitude/Latitude coordinates are long numbers that people feel very difficult to remember and communicate. This problem severely blocks the use of location based services.

NAC Technology introduces a highly efficient universal representation called Natural Area Code (NAC) to unify the representations of all area codes, geographic coordinates, map grids, street addresses, postal codes and property identifiers of the world. An eight or ten character NAC (also called Universal Address) can uniquely specify every building, house, bus stop, parking meter, fire hydrant, street light, sewage exit, etc anywhere in the world. A six character NAC can specify every square kilometre area on the earth. A four character NAC can be used to represent every city size area in the world. Using NAC instead of street addresses and place names to specify locations and areas in all location applications can reduce 80% of input characters, avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, eliminate errors from address databases and extend geographic coverage to all locations and areas no matter whether there are addresses or not. Universal Addresses can also be directly displayed by GPS receivers, pinpointed on all maps , and can even be used as Global Postal Codes to sort all mail from the world level to final mailboxes automatically. They will become as useful as accurate time for all human activities.

Mark Stewart, CEO, SafeAngel, says "the NAC Addressing System is the only feasible way to truly unify the global area addressing problem. Not only does the system reduce our wireless network bandwidth and allow us to accurately define a location when traditional addressing systems produce inaccurate results, but its incorporation into our core systems paves the way for the adoption of the technology into modern GPS device manufacture. NAC's vision, commitment and understanding of the scope of the location based services arena align itself extremely well with the SafeAngel mission and we look forward to our alliance with great anticipation."

"It's a breakthrough for NAC Technology," said Xinhang Shen, President of NAC Geographic Products Inc., "and the first time that NAC Technology is to be implemented in enterprise LBS middleware. Enhanced with NAC Technology, SafeAngel will surely lead the enterprise LBS middleware market of the world with its universal interface, high efficiency, high reliability and complete coverage. It is another milestone for NAC Technology to be widely deployed in the world commercial products and services."

ABOUT SafeAngel
SafeAngel develops middleware for the emerging enterprise location based service market, and targets areas such as service provision by location, rapid urban response systems, and large scale human management using wireless GPS technology ,in addition to the more traditional tracking, navigation and fleet management.

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