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Press Release: Brazil Has Been Digitized with Universal Addresses

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May 28, 2004 - Toronto, Canada. NAC Geographic Products Inc. has announced that Brazil has become the first country in South America that has been completely digitized with Universal Addresses and Natural Area Codes, and made the number of the Universal Address digitized countries to 19: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland (Uusimaa, Häme, and Pirkanmaa regions), France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. More than 890 million people from these countries can immediately get their Universal Addresses on Universal Address Lookup Service (http://www.travelgis.com/geocode/), and access the highly efficient and reliable Universal Address powered cross-country cross-language turn-by-turn driving directions service on TravelGIS Driving Directions Service (http://www.travelgis.com/directions/) from their desktop computers. They can also use any kind of wireless devices to get turn-by-turn driving directions, maps and location based business searches powered by Universal Addresses on Mobile Location Based Services Network (http://mlbs.net/).

This is another breakthrough for the Universal Address System thanks to Microsoft MapPoint Web Service that provides the world most comprehensive street address databases. Now about one billion people from three continents can directly benefit from the Universal Address System. On Universal Address powered location based services, people will no longer be frustrated by wrong locations of street addresses, unfound street addresses and locations without addresses as seen frequently on the driving directions/map services of MSN, Yahoo, MapQuest, etc,” said Dr. Xinhang Shen, President of NAC Geographic Products Inc., “because there are no Universal Addresses that can not be found, and there are no locations on this planet that don’t have Universal Addresses.”

Using Universal Addresses to specify locations instead of traditional street addresses on location based services can reduce 80% of input characters, avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, eliminate errors from address databases and extend location based services to all locations no matter whether there are addresses or not. The 80% of reduction of input is significant in using wireless devices with small key pad to access location based services.

The Universal Address System brings enormous benefits to the world. It has unified the complicated addresses, the geographic coordinates, the area codes, the postal codes, the map grids, and the property identifiers of the entire world. Now all these codes can be represented by a single efficient Universal Address that connects the information from all kinds of location based services, maps, GPS receivers, navigation systems, courier and postal services, travel information systems, yellow pages, business directories, geographic information systems, as well as all other location related products and services, and makes them highly efficient, reliable and complete.

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