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Visualize Business Data More Easily - Release of NACMAP Version 5.0

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October 21, 2014, Toronto, Canada, NAC Geographic Products Inc. announced the release of NACMMAP Version 5.0 - a standalone NAC enhanced business data mapping and real time assets tracking software.

The NAC enhanced mapping software can read data directly from online database servers, local database servers, Excel files, CSV files, its native UDF files, online created-on-fly files, etc. If the data changing in real time, the displayed mapping screen can be automatically updated which can be used to represent fleets of trucks, taxi cars, boats, ships, field workers, mountain climbers, skiers, soldiers, etc.

NACMAP has the capability to retrieve maps and satellite images from a number of free and commercial map servers including OpenStreetMap, Mapquest, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, etc as base maps which can be instantly zoom in, zoom out and pan with your data shown on the maps. You can use NACMAP to download a map or satellite image map of any size as you want which is extremely convenient for making large printed maps.

Your data can be shown as scaled vertical and horizontal bars, scaled symbols, icons, texts, polygons, polylines, circles, rectangles, images, etc with hints and hyperlinks, arranged as layers which you can add/delete, switch on/off and move up/down whenever you want.

As this release period, you are encouraged to use the software under a special promotion which will reduce the life time licensing fee from US$800 to $80 with the promotion code "LOVENM" by the end of November of 2014. You can download the software at http://www.nacgeo.com/download/NACMAP.zip and order the license with the promotion code on the software. If the order form is not shown, click "i" button and then click "Check or Renew NACMAP License" button".

About NAC Geographic Products Inc.
Incorporated in 1995 in Toronto, Canada, NAC Geographic Products Inc. is a world's leading company in geographic technologies. In addition to the Natural Area Coding System, the company has developed many important GIS/GPS software products and services.

Lixin Zhou
PR Manager
Tel: +1 416 496 6110
Email: lzhou@nacgeo.com
Web: www.nacgeo.com

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