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Mongolian Government Adopts Universal Address System

NAC or Address more applications

(Chinese version)

February 16, 2009, Toronto, Canada, NAC Geographic Products Inc. announced that the Government of Mongolia has passed an important resolution to adopt the revolutionary technology of NAC Geographic Products Inc. - the Universal Address System for all location related services and products in Mongolia after a comprehensive research of all address systems in the world. This is another breakthrough for the Universal Address System to become the main stream address and locating system in the world.

Universal Addresses not only possess all the functionalities of traditional addresses, but more importantly are unified representations of all locations and areas in the world that can be used conveniently by both consumers and professionals to bridge all the gaps caused by different representations of locations and areas. As Universal Addresses are digital and global addresses, the adoption of the Universal Address System will make Mongolia well positioned in the digitization and globalization era.

A Universal Address is an eight or ten character Natural Area Code (NAC) which can represent both areas and locations anywhere in the world. A two character NAC can specify any area about 1000 km in length and width like a province, a four character NAC represents a 30 km long and wide area (like a city) approximately, a six character NAC is roughly equivalent to any square kilometer area on the earth, an eight character NAC can uniquely identify a 30 meter long and wide area (size of a house or building) in the world, and a ten character NAC can pinpoint any location in the world to the resolution of one meter. Therefore, Universal Addresses are highly compact and human-friendly codes that can be used as adrresses, postcodes, geographic coordinates, area codes, property identifiers, etc.

Marking Universal Addresses on house number plates, street signes and all other roadside objects will physically digitize the land because Universal Addresses are the coordinates of the Universal Map Grids. Thus, comparing the Universal Address of any destination and the one marked on the local roadside object can immediately get the distance and direction to the destination and will significantly help taxi, courier, delivery, especially ambulance, fire fighters and police find locations.

Using Universal Addresses as identifiers of street lights, fire hydrants, parking meters and other roadside objects can straightforward the processes in reporting, managing and physically locating these objects because they can function as both database keys and coordinates of physical locations.

Printing Universal Map Grids on a map can help people directly pinpoint the location of any Universal Address on the map to avoid the time consuming procedure in looking up the street name on the street index and guessing the location of the street number along the street. Moreover, the location information obtained from different maps with the Universal Map Grids can be directly connected and exchanged no matter what projections and scales the maps have, while the location information obtained from a country map with longitude/latitude grid, a state map with UTM grid and a street map with a local grid are nearly impossible to be connected.

When Universal Addresses are used as global postcodes for automatic mail sorting, they can sort mail from the world level to the final mail boxes with better coverage and accuracy than any existing postcodes. Since Universal Addresses exist everywhere, mail with Universal Addresses can also be conveniently sorted and delivered to any temporary locations in the world. This is well suited to Mongolia with many yurts residing on temporary locations.

If the capability of handling Universal Addresses is implemented in GIS software, local search engines and navigation systems, Universally Addresses can be used to efficiently, reliably, uniquely and universally specify locations and areas, a sharp contrast to traditional addresses that are long, language dependent, full of variations, frequently duplicated, and available only to limited (less than 1%) locations in the world. For example, you can simply input H5Q2 R48Q instead of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France to get the map of Eiffel Tower in Paris.

If Universal Addresses are listed on all yellow pages, tourist guides and business directories, and included on all business cards, advertisements and websites, customers can easily find these bsuinesses with their Universal Addresses on either printed maps with Universal Map Grids, Universal Address enhanced navigation systems or physically on the land with Universal Addresses marked on all its street signs.

If Universal Addresses have been used as landmarks, addresses, geographic coordinates, area codes, postcodes, property identifiers and Universal Map Grids have been printed on all kinds of maps, all people, no matter professionals or consumers, tourists or local residents, can directly communicate all location information in the world without needs to do complicated data conversion between different systems and eliminate the huge time and cost currently wasted in the geographic data conversion.

Here are some examples of NAC enhanced products and services:
  • NAC Addin for MapPoint - a standalone Universal Address enhanced desktop mapping and navigation software.
  • NAC Earth - a Universal Address enhanced Google Earth which allows users to fly to any locations in its virtual earth.
  • NAC Smart Tag DLL automatically highlighting all the Universal Addresses on Outlook emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Access databases and linking them to their corresponding detail satellite images.
  • Locamagic - a NAC enhanced GPS cellphone application providing positioning, locating, navigating, local business searching, real-time tracking and real-time monitoring services.
  • Universal Addresses Lookup Service and Free Geocoding Service providing Universal Addresses for any locations in the world.
  • NAC Enhanced Google Maps mapping Universal Addresses of any locations in the world on high resolution satellite images.
  • NAC Enhanced Google Local displaying the Universal Addresses of all nearby businesses of any location.
  • NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions providing driving directions between the Universal Addresses of any locations.
Here are some sample Universal Addresses:
Point of InterestUniversal Address
Acropolis, GreeceJZ9G P9TP
Arch of TriumphH5SX R497
Arecibo Observatory9F3J L1PL
Buckingham PalaceGZM7 RKH3
CN Tower, Toronto8CHX Q86D
Colosseum, RomeJ16W PZFH
Eiffel Tower, ParisH5Q2 R48Q
Forbidden City, BeijingSNZ PMK
Point of InterestUniversal Address
Great Wall at BadalingSN0H PPR4
The Millennium DomeH00 RKH
Mount EverestQ797 MMVR
Niagara Falls8D9 Q5C
Saint Peter's Basilica and SquareJ148 PZHB
Statue of Liberty8SVM PRFC
Sydney Opera HouseWL13 9BPG
Versailles Palace, FranceH592 R40N
Washington Monument8KDB PGFD
"Wide use of the Universal Address System will dramatically improve the postal service, courier, taxi and delivery services, emergency services, online location based services, navigation and map products, property and public works management systems, transportation and tourism in Mongolia and make Mongolia a truely geo-technology advanced country in the world," said Dr. Xinhang Shen, president of NAC Geographic Products Inc. "As the world is further embracing the Universal Address System, numerous business opportunities will be created for GPS manufacturers, GIS developers, map publishers, mail sorting equipment and location based services providers. Its implementation in both GIS infrastructure and physical land will be the most valuable long term investment in the stimulus packages of all governments in the world."

About NAC Geographic Products Inc.
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