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The Launch of the Universal Address System

NAC or Address more applications

Toronto, Canada, August 10, 2003 - NAC Geographic Products Inc. has proudly announced that the integration of NAC Technology and Microsoft MapPoint Web Service Version 3.0 has resulted in two revolutionary location based services:

to provide Universal Addresses, Universal Address powered location based service for 26 countries and all large cities of the world.

"I am very happy that the Universal Address System has become real power for location based services thanks to the comprehensive geographic data provided by Microsoft MapPoint Web Service," said Dr. Xinhang Shen, President & CEO of NAC Geographic Products Inc., "it's our long term dream to provide Universal Addresses to people in Canada and US, and Microsoft has helped us realized it not only in Canada and US, but in other 16 countries as well."

NAC Technology

Developed by NAC Geographic Products Inc., NAC Technology represents the Natural Area Coding System and its derived systems: the Universal Address System, the Global Postal Code System, the Universal Property Identifier System, and the Universal Map Grids System. Derived from longitude/latitude, the Universal Address is a highly efficient (eight or ten alphanumerical character) code representing a unique location (to the resolution of 30 meters or one meter) anywhere in the world, no matter in a urban area or on an ocean. It can also be used as a global postal code to sort all mail to each mailbox automatically. It can be used as a Universal Property Identifier for every house, building, bridge, parking meter, fire hydrant, sewage exit, bus stop, well, electric wire pole or tree in the world. Universal Addresses can be directly pinpointed on all maps with Universal Map Grids and navigated by GPS receivers with a simple conversion program. Universal Addresses connect and integrate the information of addresses, postal codes, property identifiers, maps, geographic coordinates, area codes and GPS receivers in the world.

"This state-of-the-art technology (the Universal Address System) will revolutionize global communications. We can take pride in the fact that Canadians are at the forefront of this historic initiative." said Mr. Jim Karygiannis, Member of Parliament of Canada.

"This (the Universal Address System) is an elegant solution that seems to supply something that is becoming necessary as the world becomes more globalized," said Matt Ball, Editor of GeoWorld magazine.

"Global referencing has long been an issue in the research community. I am very pleased to learn NAC's universal address system. It certainly has its novelty," said Dr. Vincent Tao, Director of Geospatial Information and Technology Lab (GeoICT) of York University.

"The Holy Grail in terms of addresses is a simple system that will work in all countries," said Tim Evangelatos, Strategic Technologies and Policy Advisor for GeoConnections at Natural Resources Canada.

For more information about NAC Technology, please see http://www.nacgeo.com/nacsite/.

Microsoft MapPoint Web Service

Microsoft® MapPoint® Web Service is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service for integrating maps, driving directions, distance calculations, proximity searches and other location intelligence into various location applications, business processes, and web sites. MapPoint Web Service v3.0 - Microsoft's newest version of its platform for mapping and location services - delivers easier programming, a wider range of geographic coverage and the industry's most comprehensive feature set for developing a broad range of "location enhanced" applications, including wireless/mobility, customer relationship management, enterprise location services, business intelligence and many others.

More information about MapPoint Web Service is available at http://www.microsoft.com/mappoint/net/.

The Location Based Services Applications

Mobile Location Based Services Network (MLBS.NET) provides continuous turn-by-turn cross-nation and cross-language driving directions, maps and location based searches of hotels, restaurants, gas stations, parking places, car rentals, movie theaters and amusement places for all kinds of wireless browsers in eight languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish. TravelGIS Driving Directions Service is a more powerful version of driving directions service for browsers of desktop computers. These two location based services applications have surpassed all other location based services on the Internet no matter measured by geographic coverage, efficiency and user-friendliness.

In addition to street addresses, street intersections, points of interests, place names and ZIP/postal codes, these applications allow users to use Universal Addresses and Natural Area Codes to specify locations and areas anywhere in the world. With Universal Addresses and Natural Area Codes, the location based services are significantly simplified, and the input for a location has been reduced from normal five input boxes for street address, city, province/state, postal code/ZIP and country to a single text input box for Universal Address/Natural Area Codes, which is especially important on a cellphone with a small display and limited keys. Using Universal Addresses instead of street addresses to specify locations can

  • Reduce 80% of input keys
  • Avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters
  • Eliminate errors from address databases that are always outdated and incomplete
  • Extend the services to all locations no matter whether there are addresses or not
"This (Mobile Location Based Services Network) is an excellent site which will surely become one of the most popular wireless sites," said Andrew Chang, Wireless Applications Analyst of Cellmania.com - the world largest wireless web search engine, who has evaluated and listed MLBS.NET as a five star wireless website, "(People will) Never get lost again with this revolutionary site!"

"MLBS.NET adds another dimension to the already popular MapPoint.Net web service. The combination of some very innovative technology developed by Dr. Shen and the comprehensive database and routing functionality provided by Microsoft will serve to further simplify the consumers' search for Amusement Places, Car Rentals, Cinemas, Gas Stations, Hotels, Restaurants, and Theaters. Are the people at MapQuest shaking in their boots? Maybe not, but maybe they should be!" said Glenn Letham, Editor of the Wireless Developer Network.

The launch of these most efficient and comprehensive location based services in the world represents the start of a new era of using the Universal Address System and the Natural Area Coding System in the real world, and demonstrates the great power of these systems. The Universal Address System and the Natural Area Coding System are going to revolution GIS/GPS technologies, postal and courier services, emergency services, management of public works, natural resources, environment, transportations, and all other location related services, and change a whole sector of industry with products ranging from GPS receivers, GPS watches, cellphones and all kinds of maps to geographic databases, GIS and mapping software, mail sorting software and equipment, etc. With the simplicity of a Universal Address, accurate spatial information can be directly displayed on the same screen with time on a wrist watch, and are easy for people to remember and communicate. Therefore, it will also be an era for using accurate time-space information instead of single time for daily life, and people will control and record accurate time-spatial information for all activities, especially in reporting emergency, recording accidents and describing discoveries. It will become another page of history for digitizing technology.

About NAC Geographic Products Inc.

Founded in 1995, NAC Geographic Products Inc. (http://www.nacgeo.com/) is a world leading developer in GIS, GPS, Internet and wireless technologies, based in Toronto, Canada. The company provides a variety of innovative spatial solutions, software products and location based services.

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