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The Universal Property Identifier System

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The Natural Area Coding System has also produced an ideal property identifier system called the Universal Property Identifier (UPID) System. A UPID is an eight or ten-character Universal Address representing a 0.8 x 1.6 meters or 25 x 34 meters reference area of a property defined by the owner of the property. The UPID for a unit in a building can be constructed using the Universal Address of the building plus a unit number such as: 8CNJ Q8ZJ U1608. The advantages of the system are:

  1. the UPID can be directly displayed and navigated with GPS without any database support;

  2. when they are displayed on a cellphone real-estate application, a UPID will not only identify the property, but also tells exactly where it is, which can avoid many unnecessary requests for location information from a server;

  3. since street address databases do not include new house addresses, the UPID can play a unique role to specify these locations on driving directions services such as:


  4. the UPID is permanently attached to the property and never change, which can save a lot of work when the political boundary changes;

  5. the UPID can be directly pinpointed on all maps with Universal Map Grids no matter what kind of scales and projections they have;

  6. the natural order of the UPID can greatly simplify the property databases;

  7. the integration of the identifier and geographic coordinates of a UPID can significantly reduce the storage size (no geographic coordinates needed);

  8. the UPID can also be used for other purposes such as taxi, postal services and emergency services due to its accurate location information;

  9. the UPID does not need to be assigned by government but can be found by owners themselves, which can save huge amount of costs for the government;

  10. the UPID can make the exchange of property information among different real-estate databases very easy and efficient.

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