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The Universal Reference System

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As stated above, the Natural Area Coding System is so useful and powerful that integrates almost all address code systems and makes all address related services much more efficient than current systems. Moreover, the system generates simple coordinates for geodetic points, simple and systematic codes for all areas of any size and any longitudinal and latitudinal spans on the earth surface and all three-dimensional regions of any size and any longitudinal, latitudinal and altitudinal spans, and possesses uses of all current geodetic and geographic grid and coordinate systems.

It will be a natural conclusion to use the Natural Area Coding System as the universal geographic and geodetic reference system which can greatly accelerate the exchange of all information related to the earth and the universe and help not only the professional people but also the whole population of the world to understand and use the information from the science and engineering related to the physical world, such as geology, geography, meteorology, oceanography, ecology, environmental science, space science, archeology, natural resources, mining and exploration, transportation and statistics.

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