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The Emergency Address Dispatching System

NAC or Address more applications

A new efficient, reliable and low-cost emergency address dispatching and locating system has been developed based on the Natural Area Coding System. The principle of the system can be applied to both the map-based address dispatching system and the computerized address dispatching system. Both systems uses the Natural Area Codes of addresses to dispatch addresses and let the emergency caller or the telephone company directly supplies the NAC of an address at which emergency services are required, since the NAC is so useful that everybody will know it and telephone company's address databases will include it. If the NAC is used as the telephone code, then the NAC will be even more easy to be found. With the NAC, the address dispatching staff can find the address by using a map with the NAC grid directly. Then they can inform the emergency station closest to the address and tell them the address and its NAC. Or, the address and its NAC are transmitted electronically by the telephone company to the emergency address dispatching computer directly and the computer will forward electronically all the information automatically to the emergency station closest to the address using the information supplied by the NAC.

Equipped with a map of the NAC grid or a computerized map of the NAC grid with a route optimization function, the driver of the emergency vehicle can use the NAC to find out the exact address on the map and figure out the best route to reach the location immediately. Since the driver knows the address exactly, he/she does not need to check street names and numbers frequently and does not need any dispatching centers guidance. If the driver is equipped with a GPS unit with the NAC display, the process will be even more reliable and efficient, especially for an air ambulance. This process may save significant time in the emergency services and help reduce the loss of life and property due to fire, disease and crime. The system can overcome all the problems of current map-based and computerized address dispatching systems.

Moreover, this system will also save all the money invested in the large address database set-up and maintenance. Therefore, it is a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective address dispatching and locating system.

This system still works efficiently without computers since the NAC of an address can be very conveniently found on maps of the NAC grid. Equipped with maps of the NAC grid, the address dispatching center and emergency vehicle driver can dispatch and locating addresses based on the NAC of an address told by the emergency caller. This property can help developing countries to set up an efficient and low cost emergency address dispatching system.

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