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NAC Enhanced Google Earth Flies You to Tourist Attractions with Universal Addresses

Price --- 29/License

NAC Enhanced Google Earth (NAC Earth Version 1.01) is a powerful tool that allows users to control Google Earth with Universal Addresses whenever a location is reuired for "Fly To", "Find Biz" or "Driving Directions".

Virtual sightseeing on Google Earth has become popular and there are many websites which publish KML files of tourist attractions for Google Earth. It's a great experience that users can fly to and enjoy all famous and spectacular sceneries instantly, economically and environment-friendly. Unfortunately, all main stream media (televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines) without hyperlink capabilities are rarely active in publishing the exact location information for all these natural wonders and historical sites due to the inefficiency of the longitude/latitude coordinates - the only way currently supported on Google Earth to represent any given location on the earth.

Now NAC Earth has solved this problem through the introduction of the capability of the highly efficient, language independent and geographic coverage complete Universal Addresses into Google Earth to make users able to input a short Universal Address (such as H5Q2 R48Q) to get to any scenery in the world (such as Eiffel Tower in Paris) immediately. A Universal Address is an eight or ten character Natural Area Code (NAC) which can represent both areas and locations anywhere in the world. A two character NAC can specify any area about 1000 km in length and width like a province, a four character NAC represents a 30 km long and wide area (like a city) approximately, a six character NAC is roughly equivalent to any square kilometer area on the earth, an eight character NAC can uniquely identify every house or building in the world, and a ten character NAC can pinpoint any location in the world to the resolution of one meter.

With the Natural Area Codes, people can easily represent any areas and locations from countries, provinces, national conservation parks, cities, stadiums, museums, universities, hospitals, shopping malls to hotels, restaurants, post offices, railway stations, bus stops, docks, street lights, fire hydrants, sewage exits, electric wirepoles, trees; and from locations of crimes scenes, accidents, pollutions, underwater wreckages, news events to locations of your dating benches, BBQ tables, camping sites and fishing spots. There are already many NAC enhanced products and services such as:
  • Locamagic - a NAC enhanced GPS cellphone application providing positioning, locating, navigating, local business searching, real-time tracking and real-time monitoring services.
  • Universal Addresses Lookup Service and Free Geocoding Service providing Universal Addresses for any locations in the world.
  • NAC Enhanced Google Maps mapping Universal Addresses of any locations in the world on high resolution satellite images.
  • NAC Enhanced Google Local displaying the Universal Addresses of all nearby businesses of any location.
  • NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions providing driving directions between the Universal Addresses of any locations.
  • NAC Smart Tag DLL automatically highlighting all the Universal Addresses on Outlook emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Access databases and linking them to their corresponding detail satellite images.
With the Universal Addresses and NAC Earth, all main stream media (televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines) now can easily participate the discussion of tourist attractions, natural disasters, and other important events anywhere in the world as effective as online websites by publishing their Universal Addresses with their reviews and reports so that their audience and readers can get to the "scenes" instantly on NAC Earth. They can also publish hot virtual sightseeing destinations gracefully on their travel sections daily or weekly thanks to the efficiency and beauty of the Universal Addresses. Here are some examples of Universal Addresses:
Point of InterestUniversal Address
Acropolis, GreeceJZ9G P9TP
Arch of TriumphH5Q3 R4C2
Arecibo Observatory9F3J L1PL
Buckingham PalaceGZM7 RKH3
CN Tower, Toronto8CHX Q86D
Colosseum, RomeJ16W PZFH
Eiffel Tower, ParisH5Q2 R48Q
Forbidden City, BeijingSNZ PMK
Point of InterestUniversal Address
Great Wall at BadalingSN0H PPR4
The Millennium DomeH00 RKH
Mount EverestQ797 MMVR
Niagara Falls8D9 Q5C
Saint Peter's Basilica and SquareJ148 PZHB
Statue of Liberty8SVM PRFC
Sydney Opera HouseWL13 9BPG
Versailles Palace, FranceH592 R40N
Washington Monument8KDB PGFD
NAC Earth can also help police officers, journalists, road inspectors, environment monitors, sales professionals, real estate agents and school teachers to efficiently navigate in the virtual world provided by Google Earth.

NAC Earth

Download and Installation
All computers with Windows XP or later versions can install NAC Earth. You can download the installation package here free of charge. The setup file can be saved in a folder on your hard drive, double click the setup file in the Windows Explorer's folder and follow the steps of instructions to install the software.

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please write to info@nacgeo.com

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