APIs of NAC Real-Time Geo-Services Suite
for Web Applications - Version 6.0

NAC Read-Time Geo-Services Suite provides real-time NAC conversion, geocoding, reverse geocoding, mapping and routing services delivered as both
Here are the APIs for these services:

API for Real-Time NAC Conversion Service

A Natural Area Code (NAC) is an efficient representation of an area or a location anywhere in the world so that both human brains and computers can easily handle the accurate location information. A two-character NAC roughly represents an area about 1000 km in easting and 750 km in northing (here easting means the distance from the west edge to the east edge of the area and northing means the distance from the south edge to the north edge of the area). A four-character NAC, an area of 30 km by 25 km. A six-character NAC, one square kilometer area. An eight-character NAC, 25 m by 30 m and a ten-character NAC is approximately one square meter anywhere in the world. Since eight-character or ten-character NACs are accurate to building size, they are also called Universal Addresses.

This is a simplified NAC licensing business model which allows you to use NACs and Universal Addresses on any of your applications provided that: NAC Converter is provided as both a method of the SOAP web service called NACConverter and a http get request of the REST web service as shown in the following:


Here are sample responses of the SOAP web service for

	+ 43.69999,-79.39999
	+ 8C Q8
	+ 43.600001,-79.59999,43.799999,-79.2
Here are sample responses of the REST web service for

	+ http://mlbs.net/nacgeoservicesV5.0/NACConverter.aspx?UserID=12389765&Query=43.69999,-79.39999
	+ http://mlbs.net/nacgeoservicesV5.0/NACConverter.aspx?UserID=12389765&Query=8CRBH Q90HH&Format=XML
	+ http://mlbs.net/nacgeoservicesV5.0/NACConverter.aspx?UserID=12389765&Query=43.600001,-79.59999,43.799999,-79.2&Format=JSON
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