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NACMAP Version 4.0

Release Date: Nov. 20, 2000

The World First Standalone Web Map Client GIS Software Compliant with Open GIS Standard

Copyright 2000, NAC Geographic Products Inc.

The standalone Open GIS compliant JAVA application - NACMAP Version 4.0 is a powerful GIS integrated with a series of web map servers to provide thousands layers of maps with various different themes and features for the entire world, individual countries, provinces and cities. Users can use NACMAP to retrieve their required maps from the map servers, save the maps in their web sites and then add map layers of their own data to create their own customized GIS projects with interactive maps. Each map layer can have its own hyperlinks, bar charts, markers, images, labels, texts, polygons, polylines and other objects. Since the map layers are text files, they can be updated or created dynamically by CGI/ASP scripts extracting data from databases on the Internet. This is extremely useful for creating vehicle tracking, real estate listing and realtime traffic monitoring systems that require dynamic data. With WEBGIS, the GIS projects created with NACMAP allow people anywhere on the Internet to get the access of the GIS projects. For example, corporation offices located in different areas can now easily share one set of GIS data provided by one http server. All their NACMAP files, user data and maps can be linked through the hyperlinks on the interactive maps.  Moreover, all the maps and data you have retrieved from our map servers become yours free of charge and you can publish them anywhere or sell them to anybody as you want. You can even use our map servers for your web surfers to continuously zoom in/out maps with their selected base map themes/layers and query features of anything at any location on the maps for free. You can create as many projects as you want and store only the project files and your own data in the web sites using normal http servers to provide your own data to the WEBGIS applet without needs to have your own dedicated map servers. This is a very low cost solution. All you need is just our NACMAP and WEBGIS software that costs you only 438 (149 for NACMAP Version 4.0 and 299 for WEBGIS Version 4.0).

We also provide powerful map server software and maps to sites that need their own dedicated map servers with very low prices.

NACMAP displays instantly the coordinates of the cursor in screen pixels, Longitude/Latitude, NAC and UTM as well as geomagnetic parameters: declination, inclination and intensity (The geomagnetic parameters can be used to correct the magnetic compass direction and very useful to navigating). In addition to its unlimited power, NACMAP provides straight forward user-interfaces and optimised data structures to make it the easiest GIS software for Decision Making, Territory Management, Real Estate Management, Site Selection, Target Marketing, Prospect Analysis, Media Planning, Territory Management, Sales Analysis, Natural Resource Management, Navigating, Hiking, Exploring, Fishing, Boating, Rescuing, Tourist Information Management, Transportation, Teaching and Learning, etc. Since the software is written in JAVA, the great compatbility of JAVA makes it be able to run on all different computer operating systems: Windows, UNIX, LINUX, MAC, etc.

The following version now was compiled on Nov. 27, 2000. You may need to come back frequently to get the latest compiled version because we continuously fix buggs and upgrade the software.

If you want to try NACMAP, click here to load NACMAP and when ask to Save or Open, click Open. (Note: to open the jar file, you need the Java Running Environment which you can download here free of charge). For more information about the product, click here

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please write to info@nacgeo.com

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